‘American Pyscho’ – Bret Easton Ellis

I read American Psycho By Bret Easton Ellis last month after a friend recommended it to me. I had never actually heard of it before, nor seen the film adaptation with Christian Bale.

I struggled with it to begin with, it can be quite a challenging read. Whilst some scenes are violent and graphic, it seems to be more of a satire than a thriller. The author mocks Eighties Yuppies culture and turns what could have been a dark thriller into more of a black comedy. I found myself sympathising with Patrick Bateman even though he is clearly a distrubed and violent man.

Well written and doesn’t take itself too seriously. Definitely worth a read.



  1. Completely agree that it is a satire rather than a thriller. It’s number one on my desert island books! (my very first blog post- ‘My Three Desert Island Books’) Would seriously recommend ‘Glamorama’ by Bret Easton-Ellis if you liked the satirical vibe. Protagonist has echoes of Patrick Bateman, until his world is turned upside-down…

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