‘Pride and Prejudice’ – Jane Austen

Where to begin? I should warn you that I am a massive Jane Austen fan and love all her books. Nothing makes me feel better after a tough day then to curl up with an Austen novel, or to put an Austen adaptation on.

Pride and Prejudice is a classic. It is a story about love, social status and pride. Elizabeth Bennet is a strong, independent young woman who knows what she wants. Mr Darcy is a very proud man who slights Elizabeth at their first meeting. As the title suggests, both characters overcome their pride and prejudices to be together. It is humourous at times, sad and sweet. All women want their own Mr. Darcy, a perfect gentleman who overcomes his pride for the woman he loves.

Jane Austen mocks society, the very first line illustrates this perfectly: ‘It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a wife.’ Her writing is witty, emotional and just brilliant.

My favourite adaptation has to be the BBC version with Colin Firth. It is long and incorporates as much of the book as it can. It is faithful to the book and the cast are brilliant. (Of course it helps that Colin Firth is a gorgeous Mr. Darcy!)

If you haven’t read a Jane Austen novel I highly recommend that you do. This may not be the easiest one to start with, but it is the most well-known. Perhaps try Northanger Abbey first.

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