‘The Girl at the Lior D’Or’ – Sebastian Faulks

I loved this book! I went to buy another Faulks novel (‘Charlotte Gray’) and was disappointed to find that they were sold out. So I picked this book up knowing it was one of three books, which included ‘Charlotte Gray’, that Faulks refers to as his France Trilogy as they are all set in France and have the common character of Charles Hartmann.

The character of Anne is so real and honest that you can’t help but relate to her and invest yourself in her journey. More than anything I wanted her to get her happy ever after. She has experienced so much tragedy in her life that she deserves to find happiness, and she does to an extent with Charles Hartmann. Hartmann is married but finds himself in love with Anne and wants to protect her from tragedy and hurt.

The love story of Anne and Hartmann is both beautiful and frustrating. Ultimately it’s downfall is Hartmann’s conscience. Knowing he must stay with his wife and that it is not fair for Anne to be second best, he ends the relationship though it causes him much pain to do so. Whilst I understand why he does what he does, and I admire him for it, the romantic in me also hates him for not picking Anne and giving her the happy ever after she so deserves.

I could not put this book down. It’s short but wonderfully written and engaging. I just hope ‘Charlotte Gray’ lives up to it!


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