‘The Maze Runner’ – James Dashner

I decided to read this one after being invited to see the new film adaptation of the same name. It appealed to me as it is similar to the Hunger Games and Divergent, two other great series. It follows the story of Thomas. A big who wakes up in a lift to find himself in a strange place remembering only his name and nothing else. He soon discovers the only way out is to figure out the maze and find an exit which the others have been doing for two years to no avail.

I found this gripping and finished it in a couple of days. Although it was slow to start it picked up and I really wanted to know how it ended. The ending, like in most series, is open and paves way for the sequel which I will eventually get round to reading.

The film adaptation was different and quite a bit was changed but it was still really good and I would recommend it. They are also filming the sequel ‘The Scorch Trials’, for release next year.

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