‘The Bunker Diary’ – Kevin Brooks

This was definitely an interesting read. I had to read it for my uni course and it’s not something that I would have normally chosen but in a way I am glad that I did.

There is a lot of controversy surrounding this book. It won the Carnegie Medal in 2014 which recognises an outstanding book for children or young adults. Many people have questioned whether it should have won as it is depressing and sinister and maybe too dark for a child. The author has argued that children should be aware that life doesn’t always have a happy ending but childhood is a time of innocence and books are a form of escapism so I’m not sure I agree.

The Bunker Diary is told from the point of view of a teenage old boy called Linus. He has been kidnapped and put into a bunker by a man he tries to help thinking he was blind. The book follows what happens to him in the bunker. I found I couldn’t put this down despite the sinister nature and how unpleasant it could be. You want to know why he is there, who put him there and whether he will be found or escape.

Without spoiling it I will just say that I didn’t like the ending,  although I wasn’t suprised by it considering all the stories in the news about it. It was a good read but left me wishing for me at the end. Worth a read.

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