‘Unravelling’ – Elizabeth Norris

I was sucked in from the start of this book. It’s not often the heroine gets killed as soon as you open the book! Janelle Tenner dies… but she is brought back to life by a mysterious boy at her school. Her Dad works for the FBI and there is a countdown that is counting down the days until the world ends. Simple enough?

I loved the character of Janelle, she’s a strong heroine and battling her own demons as well as looking after her family. I also loved Ben. Tall, handsome, mysterious, romantic, what is not to like? There are some great characters in this book, characters you care for and don’t want something bad to happen to. That’s part of why I was so eager for them to figure out the countdown, I started to really like the little group of people I had been introduced to.

I loved that the chapters, like the countdown, were counting down to the the climax of the novel.The short chapters also created a great sense of urgency and made you want to keep reading and hope they figured it all out before the countdown ended.

The plot twist did take me by surprise but I liked it, it wasn’t what I expected and that was a good thing I think. It’s good to be kept on your toes! ๐Ÿ˜‰ I sped through the last hundred pages as I needed to know what was going to happen. I’m definitely going to read the sequel at some point.

Have you read Unravelling? What did you think?

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