‘The Well of Ascension’ – Brandon Sanderson

So I will admit, I was hesitant to read this knowing how The Final Empire ended. I didn’t think I wanted to carry on but I love the characters and the world so much I couldn’t stop. I read this in a day more or less. Sat down on Sunday 150 pages in and couldn’t put it down until after midnight when I finally finished it. How does Sanderson do it? How does he grab hold of your emotions and refuse to let go? I love these characters so much, I feel so protective over them. Vin is a goddess. She is amazing, strong, compassionate, honest, afraid, powerful and so much more. There is so much depth to her character. She is probably my favourite heroine in any book I have read so far. So much is thrown at her and she takes it in her stride and keeps going despite her painful past. She never stops and just feels sorry for herself and gives up, she keeps fighting; for herself and those she cares about.

I didn’t think I’d like Elend, I know some people don’t, but he really grew on me. He matures a lot in this book. He is no longer an immature, little rich kid but has had to grow up and adapt to become King. He takes his responsibility so seriously and really wants everyone to be equal, even though it isn’t as easy as he once imagined.

The crew are as amazing as ever, particularly OreSeur who is brilliant. OreSeur is probably my favourite character after Vin in this book. I love his story line and his relationship with Vin.

I cannot wait to see how this series ends, although I am sure it will break me. 😦


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