‘Under Her’ – Samantha Towle

Wilder is your typical rich playboy. Parties hard at the weekend, but works hard during the week. His parents are about to retire meaning he will become CEO of their lingerie business. That’s what he has been working towards. However they are about to throw a spanner in the works. They are appointing a co-CEO to work with him. And he is not happy. Especially when he already knows the woman they are appointing…

I saw this was on offer and after seeing some good reviews on a few book blogs I thought I’d give it a go. It was a fun read, I read it cover to cover and really enjoyed it. Light hearted, sexy and fun. Morgan is a great character. Trying to move on from the past but still afraid to put herself out there. The chemistry between the characters is great and you are rooting for them. Wilder is cocky and arrogant but still so charismatic that you want Morgan to give him a chance!

Look forward to reading more from this author. 


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