‘Over The Fence’ – Melanie Moreland

Two people living next door from each other but both hiding from the world. Kourtney and Nathan are private people, they keep themselves to themselves. But they get talking over their fence and form a friendship through talking and texting. They never speak face to face. That all changes when Nathan jumps the fence to protect Kourtney. But where do they go from there? And are they ready?

This another lovely read from Melanie Moreland. Easy to read, cute, funny and sweet. Once again she draws you into her story and you can’t put the book down without knowing the outcome. Nathan is a great hero, he is sweet, charming and will protect Kourtney no matter what. Their relationship grows throughout the story and it was lovely to read.  The two main characters had great chemistry and you want them to get the happy ending they both deserve. I love how the fence is like a metaphor for Kourtney’s life. She has been hiding behind walls/fences all her life and needs the courage to tear them down or just the right man to jump over them for her. 😉



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