‘Rough Touch’ – Willow Winters 

I’m not a good man, but I’m damn good at what I do.

I was raised to be ruthless, and as muscle for the Petrov mafia, that’s all I am.

Then she got caught in the crossfire, and when it was over, she was mine – given as a temporary gift. Once a mafia princess, now just a bargaining chip, she wasn’t a part of my plans.

She’s scared, alone, and has the most perfect, innocent baby blues that beg me to protect her.

There’s not an ounce of good in me. I don’t deserve her, but I want her. I want her sweet submission and tempting curves, at any cost.

Even if I have to kill every f*cker who stands between us.

This good girl belongs to me.

This is book 3 in the Valetti Crime Family series by Willow Winters. I’m currently binge reading them. 🙂 I love finding series that you can’t put down and this is definitely one of them! Mafia romance. Yes please!

So I love Dom (as I may have mentioned once or twice 😂) but then I read book 2 and Vince was also pretty amazing. So straight away I had high expectations. Luckily Kane didn’t disappoint! He has lost everything and is slowly building back his reputation. He is a strong, no nonsense, ruthless man that you would not want to cross. Yet when he meets Ava he feels compelled to protect her. He knows it’s stupid and dangerous but he won’t see her hurt again. 

Ava is a mafia princess who is being trafficked. She has been through so much but survives by telling herself she will have her revenge on those who have hurt her. When she meets Kane she expects him to be another man sent to hurt and humiliate her but he suprises her by showing compassion and looking after her.

Kane knows he has to save Ava but going up against the Russians isn’t smart. Luckily for him the Valetti family seem to be on his side. He just needs to prove himself. 

I loved the connection between Kane and Ava. They have both suffered loss and betrayal and they understand each other. They are both lost trying to find their place in the world. I was interested at first to see how this would link into the Valetti family but it does and I loved seeing Vince and Dom again. 😍 I love how protective all the family are over their partners and each other.  Kane fits right in with them. 

I’m off to read book 4! I really hope there are plenty more books to be written for this series. If you haven’t already, you really should go get Dirty Dom and get hooked on this series.  


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