Friday Favourites – Bad Boy Heroes

I love a bad boy. This post was so much fun to do! Going back over books I’ve read and picking a few of my favourite bad boy characters. Who are your favourites? Always love getting new recommendations.  ๐Ÿ™‚

1. Dom from Dirty Dom by Willow Winters

Not a suprise considering how often I bring him up. ๐Ÿคฃ I love Dom. He’s a bookie, part of a mafia family but also has a sweet and protective side. I love this bad boy. 

2. Richard from The Contract by Melanie Moreland 

Richard starts off as a character you hate. Arrogant, rude and mean to those around him. Filthy rich and not a care for anyone else or anything but his career. When he gets Katy to play his fiancรฉe in order to land a new job it all changes. I loved seeing the two different sides to him. 

3. Shane from The Transporter by Liz Maverick 

Shane is cold and driven. He focuses on the job and has no time for anything else. Until he meets Cecily. Loved Shane and his calm, confident attitude. But I wouldn’t want to get on the wrong side of him!

4. Damien from Raw Heat by Cherrie Lynn

He runs a poker club and makes a bet to win Emma as his prize for thirty days. He’s hot, mysterious and loyal but you wouldn’t want to cross him. 
5. Adam from My Image of You by Melanie Moreland 

Adam is lovely! He’s not a bad boy but portrayed as one by Ally’s family. He isn’t afraid to fight for what he wants. He wants to take care of Ally and protect her from her uncaring family. He’s protective and loyal and gorgeous. 

7. Bane from Shacking Up by Helena Hunting 

Bane meets Ruby when he accidentally kisses her when on a date with someone else. He’s hilarious, cocky and an animal lover. I love the banter he has with Ruby. 

8. Zane from Inked by Lauren Landish and Willow Winters 

Zane is bad news. He is a bit of a player and is involved with the mafia. Definitely not someone Maddy should be getting involved with. But he’s also protective, charming and very sexy. 

9. Graham from StuckUp Suit by Vi Keeland and Penelope Ward

We meet Graham on a train barking down his phone to someone. He’s arrogant, stuck-up and persistent. When he wants something he does after it. And he wants Soraya.

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