‘Tempted’ – Lauren Landish and Willow Winters 

I’m heartless and cutthroat. It’s just the way I was raised.

I had no regrets. Until she showed up.

It started with her old man. That stubborn bastard set me up. He knew what he was doing. I fell for her before I even heard her voice. 

What was he thinking, trying to set her up with a prick like me?

She’s too good for me. I should’ve walked away. But every time she told me no, it only made me want to chase her more. 

And now I’m f*cked. She’s f*cked. 

I’m trouble, that’s all I am, and I brought that to her doorstep.

She’s gonna hate me. But she’s not leaving. 

She tempted me; now she’s mine.

This is the second book in the Bad Boys Next Door series. I loved book 1, Inked, so wasted no time buying this one. 

Elizabeth and Liam first meet at the reading of her stepfather’s will. She discovers he has been left almost everything and can’t understand why. She resents this stranger but he seems just as confused as she is. Thrown together, both grieving the loss of a man who meant a lot to them both, they can’t deny their attraction to one another. Liam agrees to give her everything from the will… in exchange for one date. But will one date be enough?

This book is full of emotion and drama. The love/hate relationship between Liam and Elizabeth draws you in. 

Looking forward to seeing if this series is continued. Fingers crossed! 🙂

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