‘Aiden’ – Melanie Moreland 

I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review. 

I loved Bentley when I met him in the first book of the series so I had high expectations for Aiden and he didn’t let me down!

Aiden is Bentley’s best friend and business partner. He watched Bentley fall in love but knows that’ll never be on the cards for him. Love is a weakness he can’t afford to have. His past has shown him that. Then he meets Cami… He was not ready for her. 

Cami is Emmy’s best friend. She finds herself spending more and more time with Aiden as the group of friends hang out. She knows she is falling for him and she also knows Aiden doesn’t do commitment. 
Although Aiden tries his best to not get attached to Cami, when she gets hurt he can’t help but rush to her side. He brings out a different side of him. Even his friends aren’t sure what he is doing.

I love how these two characters compliment each other! Cami is used to having to manage on her own and Aiden is the same. He doesn’t get attached, it only ends badly. Yet the two of them form a bond and bring each other out of their shells. Aiden protects Cami and Cami helps Aiden to open up. They really are perfectly matched. 

Seeing more of Bentley and Emmy’s relationship was a bonus. I cant wait to read about Maddox and Dee next!

As always Melanie delivers a perfect romantic read. Love, laughter and a happy ever after. With some action and drama thrown in for good measure. 

Loved this book. Pick up a copy on 7th May! If you haven’t read the first book in the series yet, Bentley, then go get it. It’s available now. 


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