‘Playing’- Crystal Kaswell

Walker Williams is my f*ck buddy.
I get his carefree smile.
I get his inked arms.
I get his massive ahem.
It’s the perfect arrangement. The cocky playboy makes me c*me. I hold onto my secrets.
No getting lost in his dark eyes. No melting into his soft embrace. No falling head over heels.
We’re playing. That’s it.
I need to think about his lips on my neck, his hands on my skin, his hard body against mine.
If he unlocks my heart, if he finds out the truth…
There’s no way he’s staying.

When I found out Tempting was part of a series I couldn’t believe my luck. I’d fallen in love with all the characters in the first book and couldn’t wait to hear all of their stories.

Walker is anti commitment. He just wants a good time. He runs into Iris at a party and they hook up. Imagine his surprise when he runs into her again. They agree to pursue a friends with benefits relationship. Neither are looking for anything serious.

The chemistry between these two is insane. They soon realise they are more than friends. But both have their secrets and they could tear them apart.

Well written, emotional and romantic. This ticks all the boxes. A great follow up to Tempting and another chance to learn more about the Inked Hearts family.

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