‘Pretend You’re Mine’ – Crystal Kaswell

This is the worst idea in the history of the world.

Leighton is my best friend. My subordinate.
My girlfriend.
That’s the story we’re selling. To our co-workers. To our friends. To everyone who’s anticipating the breakdown of the year at my ex’s wedding.
It’s a terrible idea. This ruse is going to f*ck sh*t up. Losing her is out of the question.
Touching her is all kinds of wrong.
And right deep in my bones.
Then Leighton slides her hands into my hair and presses her berry lips to mine.
And all that wrong fades to right.
I stop pretending.
I forget about the woman who broke my heart. I forget about our rules. I forget I’ll be lost without her.
I kiss her back like I’ll never get enough.
I won’t.
But I can’t risk losing my best friend.
Even if she’s the woman who might finally unlock my heart.

Wow. I loved this book!!! I’m a little obsessed with this series and each book I read I think is my favourite. But this one definitely is!

Ryan and Leighton are best friends. They get each other. When Ryan’s ex, who he has never quite gotten over, invites him to her wedding, Leighton suggests she pretends to be his girlfriend to make her jealous and realise what a mistake she made. Simple right?

Wrong. Where does pretend stop and reality begin? The line gets blurred.

Ryan has always been the complex and quiet one of the group. He had his heart broken and has never really recovered. The only person he can open up to is Leighton.

Leighton has been crazy about Ryan since she started working at the studio. The only person who is oblivious is Ryan. Pretending to be his girlfriend seems like the perfect idea. Getting to spend more time with Ryan, helping him move on from his ex and hopefully making him notice her. What could go wrong?

The chemistry between these two is insane and soon it’s hard to tell what is pretend and what isn’t. Ryan has his demons, but Leighton does too. Neither open up to people but find themselves relying on each other. They bring light to the other’s life and really do fit together so well.

I absolutely loved this book. I love how the characters try and fix each other and I just love Ryan.

Once again this series just keeps getting better. If you haven’t already, you really should get acquainted with the Inked Hearts men.

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